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Le Domain

Now in its final stage of development, Le Domaine comprises of 700 residential units, the majority of which are sold on a sectional title basis and a small number on a life rights basis. The Estate occupies an area of 35 hectares with 7.5km of boundary wall.


Set amongst the gently rolling green hills just outside of Hillcrest, the units are arranged in 17 villages and 3 apartment blocks named after French regions and towns, and are all set amidst landscaped gardens with waterways and ponds. Indigenous vegetation is utilised throughout, providing a haven for an array of wildlife and birds. Homes are designed in a Tuscan style with the rustic earthen hues allowing them to blend into the natural environment.


With the accent on healthy living, there are plenty of opportunities to engage in both indoor and outdoor activities with other residents, or to enjoy the quiet surroundings of your own residence.