Zimbali Coastal Resort

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Purpose developed as one of the finest coastal residential and resort estates in Southern Africa, Zimbali exists as an oasis of stylish living. Zimbali epitomises style and elegance, which are expressed through the design of its homes, hotels and facilities. The rare interaction with nature is a result of the implementation on every level of management of the estate of the founding ethos of “Living in Harmony with Nature”. It is a destination where the most discerning of residents and tourists will feel at ease.


There is a wonderful mix of tranquillity, sophisticated entertaining, sensual relaxation, opportunities to take long walks on empty beaches or along shaded forest footpaths, catch glimpses of exquisite butterflies, watch mischievous monkeys at play or resident bushbuck grazing, ride horses, play tennis or engage in a challenging round of golf. This casual coastal lifestyle is what makes Zimbali so impressionable.